Blue Pure Osmosis Filter Countertop

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Product Information "Blue Pure Osmosis Filter Countertop White".
Technical description: Reverse osmosis plant Blue Pure
  • State-of-the-art reverse osmosis membrane filtration
  • Can remove viruses, bacteria, germs and up to 3,000 other contaminants with a fineness of 0.0001µ, up to 99.99% safely from your drinking water
  • Pressure increase for maximum output / 1 liter per minute
  • 3-temperatures: hot, cold, and room temperature
  • Easy filter change only once a year (Quick Change) no recontamination
  • UV sterilization
  • Automatic self cleaning / 96 h
  • Sensor touch control
  • Aqua-Stop fuse
  • Child lock
  • 2 years warranty
  • Top service
  • uvm.
Dimensions:W29 cm x D 52 cm x H 48 cm
Electr. power:Cold 120 W/h - Hot 1.500 W/h
Tank capacity:Room 4.2 l - Hot 0.6 l - Cold 2.5 l
Weight: 20.8 kg

The purchase of one of our osmosis filters does not include installation. This can be arranged on request and will be charged according to time and effort.


Dear customers,
Blue Water Osmosis Filter offers you the most advanced high-tech reverse osmosis drinking water filtration systems with innovative membrane filtration. We have included in our offer the best filter systems you can find at the moment. A few years ago, there were only simple osmosis filters with open unit technology where all lines and internals were available without a special housing.
The individual filter stages were housed in screw containers, and when the filter was changed, the entire kitchen was often under water. Because of their "special beauty", these filter systems were also often hidden under the sink. In addition, these filter systems cannot be cleaned properly when the filter is changed, so the new filter cartridges have to be pushed into the filter housing, which is contaminated with many pollutants, and this immediately leads to recontamination.
But the development has adapted very quickly to the current customer needs and therefore you will find the most modern designer devices that leave nothing to be desired. From installation to filter change, nothing is left to chance today.
Changing the filter now takes two minutes without much effort with the Quick-Change system. Here, the filters are screwed in or out like a light bulb - without your hands coming into contact with the water - and your kitchen remains dry.
Whether different water temperatures (hot, cold, room), ice cube, coffee, bubble function, sensor touch control, Aqua-Stop, child lock, pressure boost, UV sterilization and much more. A state of the art filtration system must always be built into a closed system to eliminate any outside contamination. You will find all this in our state-of-the-art all-in-one units.
What has long been standard practice in many other countries is now taking its place in Germany.
No more pesky plastic bottles, have your own water source right in your kitchen.

Room I Cold I Hot

Additional functions

96 h rinse I UV sterilizer I Aqua-Stop


W 29 cm x D 52 cm x H 48 cm

Elect. Power

Cold 120 W/h I Hot 1500 W/h


20,8 Kg