Blue Infinity Autarkic Osmosis Filter

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Blackout - Crisis preparedness - Water supply - Power supply

Product Information Osmosis Filter Blue Infinity Autarkic

This unique osmosis system, with a power consumption of only 60W/h and a self-priming system, offers the optimal conditions for operation with a power bank.

For this reason, we have configured the Infinity Autarkic for you, so that you are always equipped crisis-proof, even in the event of a blackout. Never again worry about missing water supply, power failure, etc..

With the Blue Infinity Autarkic you can produce fresh, pure and tasty osmosis water at any place where there is water, at any time.

Technical description: Reverse osmosis plant Blue Infinity

  • State-of-the-art reverse osmosis membrane filtration
  • Can safely remove viruses, bacteria, germs and up to 3,500 other contaminants from your drinking water with a fineness of 0.0001µ, up to 99.99%.
  • Does not require a fixed water connection
  • Sub-surface unit / direct flow / 600 GPD /
  • Self-priming system, can also be used for: Blackout, Camping, Caravan, Aquaristic, can be used.
  • Pressure boost for maximum performance - 1.5 l/min.
  • Temperatures: Room
  • Without tank - Direct flow - No recontamination
  • Easy filter change: filter set only every 12 months - membrane only every 24 months (Quick Change) always depending on the ppm value of your tap water
  •  Automatic self cleaning
  • Aqua-Stop fuse
  • 2 years warranty
  • Top service and customer support in Germany Mon - Fri from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • uvm.
  • Damage due to improper use, transport, packaging as well as water use are excluded from any warranty.
  • The Blue Infinity Autark may only be operated with sediment-free water (no brackish water and/or other liquids) using the supplied pre-filters (sediment filters), the specified mains voltage and/or the supplied power bank max. 230V/300W to ensure optimum function. The regular filter change for PCB prefilters (max. every 12 months) as well as RO membranes (max. every 24 months) includes these specifications.

Scope of delivery:

Blue Infinity Autarkic

self-priming osmosis plant

Ultrafine Sediment Prefilter External

Multi-stage compact pre-filter Internal

600 GPD RO Membrane Internal

automatic self cleaning

Quick Change filter change without recontamination

Direct flow without tank

complete connection set indoor/outdoor

Indoor faucet stainless steel

Outdoor tap

Connection adapter for corner valve Indoor

Connection clamp for Syphon Indoor

Connector Indoor/Outdoor

Connecting hoses indoor/outdoor

Dimensions: W 19.0 cm x D 32.2 cm x H 42.4 cm

Power consumption: 60 W/h

Weight: 11,5 kg

EcoFlow RIVER MINI Portable Power Station

Power to go: portable solar power generator with extra battery. Gives you reliable power for your outdoor adventures, at home and in emergency situations.

Charging from 0 - 80% within 1 hour:

EcoFlow X-Stream Charge technology charges the powerstation from 0 - 80% in just 1 hour - the fastest powerstation on the market. Silent charging can be set up via the EcoFlow App.

Charge up to 10 devices simultaneously:

EcoFlow's X-Boost technology allows you to boost your AC output up to 600W of continuous power, powering 80% of all kitchen, DIY and household appliances.

X-Stream charging technology

EcoFlow's X-Stream technology achieves one of the fastest recharge times on the market. With the integrated smart inverter, the RIVER MINI can be charged to 80% in one hour and to 100% in 1.6 hours.

X-Boost technology

The patented X-Boost technology can ramp up the AC output power up to 600W, allowing you to power and charge any major household appliances, tools or mobile devices.

Versatile and compatible

Whether you're camping, boating, or just spending a day with friends and family. Up to 80% of common household, technology, craft or mobile devices can be easily operated with the EcoFlow RIVER.

Efficient solar energy

The RIVER Mini can also be charged with up to 100 W of solar energy. The integrated MPPT charge controller ensures maximum efficiency. This offers even more freedom by the possibility to charge everywhere by solar.

Practical carrying handle

The EcoFlow RIVER Mini weighs only 2.8 kg and is easy to handle thanks to the practical carrying handle. So the Power Station can be taken anywhere - whether in your trunk, coffee table or outdoors in nature.

Technical data

EcoFlow River Mini Wireless

Battery (integrated)

Lithium-ion battery

Battery capacity

210 Wh (25.2 V)

DC input (12 V cigarette lighter)

12 V / 24 V ; 8 A max.

AC input

220 V - 240 V (Max. 300 W)

Charging time (wall socket)

80% in 60 min | 100% in 100 min

DC input (solar)

Max. 100 W (10-39 V; 8 A)

Solar charging time

3 h at maximum solar power

USB-A outputs

3 x 12 W (5 V; 2.4 A)

USB-C outputs

1 x 100 W (5-20 V; 5 A)

DC outputs

1 x 13.6 V / 10 A

AC output

1 x 230 V / 50 Hz (110 V / 60 Hz) | Voltage regulated

Continuous AC power

300 W

Short-term maximum AC power

600 W

State of charge indicator

LED - display


approx. 2.8 kg


249 mm x 140 mm x 133 mm




Additional functions

96 h rinsing I UV-StB I Direct flow 96 Ltr. /h


249 mm x 140 mm x 133 mm

Elect. Power

60 W/h


11,5 Kg